dpkg is the Debian package manager. It is a medium-level package management tool that extracts and configures .deb packages, however it does not download packages or automatically resolve dependencies.

APT is a higher level package management system that automatically downloads packages and resolves dependencies.

Basic usage of dpkg Edit

Installation Edit

To install a .deb package, use dpkg --install or its shorter form dpkg -i.

 dpkg -i <package>.deb

This must be executed as root. You can use sudo:

 sudo dpkg -i <package>.deb

Removal Edit

There are two types of removal that can be done:

  • Normal removal - this removes the package's files but leaves configuration files in place.
  • Purging - this removes all the files including the configuration files.

To remove normally, use dpkg --remove or dpkg -r.

 dpkg -r <package name>   NB: Use the package name,
                              e.g. 'firefox', instead of
                              its filename.

To purge, use dpkg --purge or dpkg -P (with a capital).

 dpkg -P <package name>